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  • 36 Jahre alt frau, Wassermann
  • Irpen, Ukraine
  • Ukrainian(Fliessend), Russian(Fliessend), English(Elementar)
  • NL International
  • Habe 1 Kinder
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Persönliche Daten
Geschlecht frau
Kinder 1 Kind
will Kinder haben Ich sage es dir später
Größe 5'6" - 5'7" (166-170cm)
Körperbau Schlank
Ethnizität Kaukasisch
Religion Christ
Familienstand Witwe
Ausbildung Hochschulbildung
Raucher Nein
Trinker(in) Nein
Details der Person die Sie suchen
Ich suche männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe 40-65
Ich suche nach der Größe
Ich suche nach Körperbau
Beziehung Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik
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bewerten: 4.7
Stimmen: 2036
I'm a REAL Ukrainian woman: well mannered, open-minded, passionate, affectionate, romantic, honest, faithful, kind, family oriented and intelligent, with a very good sense of humor. My house is always warm, cozy and smell vanilla cookie and coffee))) Rolling Eyes
I am a REAL woman in everything. I like beautiful hair, I like wearing dresses and high heels. I can be tender and sexy, playful and spontaneous! Wink
Travelling is my passion!! I want to explore this world with my beloved man)
I have traveled many countries with my son, i spent much time in the US and amazed by this country, on the other hand I traveled a lot in Europe too. World is so huge and amazing. I've met many people on my way, made many friends and connections. Every trip recharges me, gives me energy to create new things, new projects. I am an independent woman and everything I have I made myself, no I am not bargaining, my life made me be strong and independent in many ways. I even know how to drill the wall, on the other hand I can wear an evening dress and look like a queen) Can you imagine a queen with the drill in her hands? making cookies and coloring the walls at the same time? well, that's all about me) many functional woman) but of course there are moments when I wish I had a man by my side who could help me about the house, make some arrangements and let me be a woman- feminine, kind, loving, gentle, not a woman with a drill) I don't truly know why I wasn't lucky in relations for now. I believe I just didn't meet the right person or wasn't ready to meet him, wasn't wise enough so he never came into my life. You know I am a widow and I loved my husband and he seemed to be the right for me, but heaven took him away from me. This was the hardest period in my life. I couldn't eat or breathe. If you ever lost somebody you know how it feels, when you want not to wake up..But I had to do this for myself, for my son. I became strong, independent, I had to climb myself, to get out, to stand up and go. Time flies quickly and heels the wounds. I am healed now and ready to move on with my life! If you feel like you would love a woman with a drill in your house-let me know))

Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin):
The main thing in a man for me is not his appearance or bank account.
I’m looking for an educated and intelligent man who knows what he wants from life, who is ready to be treated like a king… who will treat me with respect, care and true love Exclamation
I believe that man must be a leader in relations and I’m ready to follow him.
Are you ready to start a long-term relation based on common respect and understanding? Very Happy
Meine Sprachkenntnisse:
Ukrainian: Ich habe fortgeschrittene Fähigkeiten
Russian: Ich habe fortgeschrittene Fähigkeiten
English: Ich kann mit einem Wörterbuch lesen und schreiben, kann aber nicht sprechen
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